Proctor Rails

03/08/2019 - Updates and Tying Up Loose Ends

Dear Rails Baseball Family,

Thank you again for such a great turnout on Tuesday. It was exciting to see so many people gathered together to talk about baseball. Below you will find some notes, updates, and expansions on the topics discussed. We will continue to address the best way to disseminate late-breaking information once all contact information is gathered after we start tryouts next week.

  • Please register with the activities office if you haven't already. Additionally, I will bring my laptop to practice on Monday for everyone to sign in on that Google doc that Mr. Stauber set up.
  • Please fill out the player questionnaire, found on the team website: Among the other questions, we need apparel sizes to place the player packs order ASAP.
  • Our fundraiser kickoff is on March 21. This is the same day as the hockey banquet. The plan is to meet with our rep as a team after school to get it going. Then hockey players will be excused for the evening. The blitz will be on April 3.
  • In-season morning workouts with Jacob Disterhaupt: He is looking at Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:45-7:45. Email to let him know if you will be attending or for more information.
  • After fielding a few questions regarding our attendance policy, I'll restate that these factors are more important than dedicating yourself to our baseball team: 1.) Yourself (mental, moral, and physical); 2.) Your family; 3.) Your education.
  • We will have the sample sizes available again at practice on Monday.
  • Until further notice, all Wednesday indoor practices will be from 6:15-8:15 due to the gym being used by a student group for an hour after school. We will wrap up our hallway meeting at 8:30.
  • Please consider becoming a member of the Proctor Baseball Booster Club. Membership/online store: I'll gladly led a hand and answer any questions that anyone may have about it.
  • One of the proposed missions of the booster club is to operate the concession stand. Please sign up for a game here: We will also need an executive board and committees that oversee membership administration, an annual fundraising event, and the annual awards banquet.
  • Whenever there is a concern, we ask for a 24-hour rule before contacting me. That way we can ensure that the root of the concern can be addressed without anything else getting in the way.
  • PROCTOR BASEBALL 2019 is now open! Find items that we’ve picked out specifically for our team. There is also spiritwear available for your family and friends. Check out the shop details below.


    - Shop Now:

    - Store Open From: March 5 - March 19, 2019

Please note: the store will not include Rawlings youth items. Youth Rawlings items will be ordered for those that need them for their player pack except for Rawlings sweatpants which aren’t available in youth sizes. They will substitute equal quality black sweatpants in place of them.

If I missed anything or if you would like any clarification, please email me at On behalf of our coaching staff, we are looking forward to meeting for tryouts on Monday at 5:15.

Anthony Bush
Proctor Rails Baseball Coach