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Varsity Sabermetrics


SPGS is a measurement of a starting pitcher's performance on a scale of 1-100. It is more accurate than the quality start statistic in that is quantifies the starting pitcher's performance. The formula is 50 + (1.5 x outs) + (3 x innings completed after third inning) + strikeouts - (2 x hits allowed) - (4 x earned runs) - (2 x unearned runs) - ( 2 x bases on balls). We have tracked SPGS since 2004.


G-Games (Pitching Appearances); GS-Games Started; PTS (Points)-Starting Pitcher Game Scores Sum; GSA-Starting Pitcher Game Score Average; IP-Innings Pitched; TP-Total Pitches; PPI-Pitches per Inning; F-K%-First-Pitch Strike Pct.


GROSS PRODUCTION AVERAGE (GPA -- Min 2.4 Plate Appearances per Team Games)

GPA is a more accurate measurement of run production than batting average in that it encompasses the abilities to be on-base and hit for power. It is a more accurate measurement of run production than OPS (on-base pct + slugging pct) because it places more weight on getting on-base compared to slugging. It also has an advantage over OPS in that it can be read just like a batting average, so it it more user-friendly to the casual baseball fan. The formula, invented by Minnesotan Aaron Gleeman in 2003, is (1.8 x OBP + SLG) / 4. OBP is on-base pct = (H+BB+HP)/(AB+BB+HP+SF). SLG is slugging pct = (total bases/AB).